Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are primarily used to correctly shape a slope in your backyard where runoff can cause land to weaken and slide. Utilizing a retaining wall drastically helps keep slopes intact for decades  when installed and maintained properly. With our Canadian weather, spring time can often be a disastrous time of year with all the rain and snow melting. Retaining walls our your best method to keeping your landscape solid and sturdy years to come.

At JRMC Inc we are your solution for all of your retaining wall needs. If you need a new retaining wall, we have a huge selection of tileable or natural looking stones all designed to properly stababilize any landscape.

In the event you need to repair a wall our team of experts can assist. There are several telltale signs that a retaining wall is in need of repair. Here are just a few examples: 

• Tilting walls
• Seperation of adjacing walls or corners
• Forward movement
• Buckling, cracking or crumbling
• Rotting wood or rusting metal(support)

Wether you're looking for a new wall or trying to fix a problematic retaining wall, simply give us a call. We can assess and quote your landscape.